IMG_8054I’ve spent many years mentoring kids at the boxing gym.  I’ve helped them build physical strength and strength of character – both rewards on their own. But kids, just like adults, need a little more motivation to stay those extra few minutes or push through a tough workout. That is why we make getting the kids to tournaments a priority.  The tournaments are a chance to use what they’ve learned in a live situation with the added bonus of a chance for glory – and the title of “Champion”.  While physical and character strength are hard measure over the course of training, bringing home championships are a tangible way to see one’s hard work come to fruition.

Two of Jungle Boy Boxing Gym’s young boxers have the chance to prove their hard work in Missouri next week and they need your help to get there. Read about Evan and Simon here, and if you can please support them at their GoFundMe page.  A little donation will go a long way to helping these young men realize the reward of their hard work.

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