How to Write a Good Analytical Research Paper

An analytical research paper is one that is aimed at answering the ‘how’ of a certain matter. It is more focused and narrowed down to a particular point. When you hire a helper to do my research paper for me, the writer uses research questions to make sense of the larger picture of an issue by focusing on the smaller parts. Just like the name suggests, it is an analysis don through research to break down a matter into tiny and more comprehensible bits. The tips below will help you to come up with a good analytical research paper:

The Start

To help you in focusing your thoughts, begin by doing an outline of the paper. This acts as a skeleton on which you will build up the rest of the paper. The outline is divided into the introduction, body, and conclusion. You need to get the outline right so that the rest of the details can fall in place. In the introduction, start with a hook. This is the bait that gets hold of the reader from the word go. Then a thesis statement and a sentence on how you plan to defend the thesis statement.

The Structure

The structure, more like the outline consists of the introduction, body, and conclusion. As usual, the introduction should be catchy enough to get the reader’s attention. It is important to get the reader interested in your work long enough to understand your side of the analysis. The general rule is that the body of an analytical paper should be three paragraphs unless otherwise stated. Reserve the last conclusion paragraph to do a counter-claim and refutation with evidence.

How to Write a Catchy Introduction

Your introduction should spark the reader’s interest so that they can keep going to get the rest of the details. The best way to do this is to have a hook right at the beginning of your introduction. This means a surprising or interesting statement that will get the reader hooked. It could be written in the form of a rhetorical question or a controversial statement. Then you can write the thesis statement and a little about how it will be proven.

Developing the Body

The four main elements of an analytical research paper body are the topic sentence, the claim, evidence to support the claim, and tying the evidence to the topic. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that covers a certain aspect of the thesis statement. Get your evidence form relevant and approved sources to support your claims. Elaborate your reasons for your evidence selection. At this point, you draw a connection between the topic sentence and the support.

The perfect conclusion

Here, you are expected to restate your thesis without directly copying it. After the restatement, write the rest of the conclusion in a manner that will give your reader closure. If it is required for you, then give suggestions and recommendations for further study.

Bottom Line

For every academic paper, there are guidelines on how to write it. Writing a good analytical research paper will require you to follow the guidelines as explained here.