Fresh Business Research Topic Ideas

Business research can be intense especially if coupled up with technology and all its complexities. If you are taking a business course, you will be required to submit a quality relevant paper. Having a suitable topic for your study will be of paramount importance if you are to submit a high-quality custom research paper. When it comes to business research topics, you are spoilt for choice. There are a lot of subjects that you can research and material sources are also plenty.

Starting from your school library to the internet and many other places, you cannot exhaust the available topical options. Your only struggle could be settling on the most suitable topic after considering so many options. However, that too has a solution. Go for a topic that you find interesting and one that will ignite in you the passion to research. The following is a list of some of the best business research topics that you can consider:

  1. The dynamics of transforming small businesses into international ventures
  2. The impact of stakeholders in the success of a business
  3. What are the effects of employee motivation on employee performance?
  4. Effective ways of cushioning local businesses from international competition
  5. Discuss the different ways of reducing and managing conflicts in family businesses
  6. How has e-commerce affected the way businesses are performing in both the local and international arena?
  7. The secret of moving your business a generation ahead even in hard economic times
  8. Discuss the effects of misleading advertisements on consumer trust
  9. How does gender discrimination affect employee performance in an organization?
  10. Legal identification methods of bankruptcy fraud
  11. The dynamics and benefits of strategic planning for small and medium-sized businesses
  12. The impact of data privacy laws on business operations
  13. Discuss the connection between product quality and profit maximization
  14. Human resource strategies for managing large and diversified organizations
  15. Effective strategies for managing global unemployment issues
  16. Public relations and how it can be improved through effective online communication. 
  17. Necessary support to avoid the suffocation of local businesses by huge international chains
  18. The impact of business law and the part it plays in governing business dealings
  19. Exploring the differences between traditional and modern ways of business negotiations
  20. Effects of cultural, political and religious differences in the workplace
  21. Discuss the impact of import and export laws on international trade
  22. Challenges that sole proprietors face in raising capital and how to deal with them
  23. The importance of leadership development for junior-level employees and how it affects business growth
  24. Discuss the differences between leaders and managers and how each can use their strengths for good
  25. Tactics that small businesses can use to effectively survive competition form large firms

Bottom Line

A great research paper can only be achieved if you start on the right footing. Well, choosing a great topic will set you up for success. The list above contains some of the best topical ideas that you could explore for your research paper.

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