batsignal-fbthisoneThanks again to everyone who supported Chuck through this election!  He’s in the cities right now volunteering at the VA, but we’re getting questions about signs and wanted to get this information out to everyone.

If you’d like us to retrieve your sign, please send us a message or call Chuck and let him know.  You can also hang on to your sign, perhaps turn it into a “bat signal” to alert Chuck, and the rest of Duluth, to where attention is needed in our great city!  🙂

Chuck wants everyone to know he’ll “be around”.  He’s committed to continue helping people, mentoring kids, and bringing light to issues that need attention in Duluth.

Your support and efforts in Chuck’s campaign are very appreciated.  When people and communities connect, great things can happen.  Making those connections is a part of Chuck’s plan going forward, he hopes you’ll do the same.