by: A Concerned Duluth Heights Citizen

It’s funny how people will jump on a bandwagon.  A couple of years ago Mayor Ness vilified the Fond du Lac tribe and casino for severing their agreement with the city and ceasing payments designated for roads.  Of course the fact that the city had been using that money for things other than roads was completely downplayed.

So instead of dealing with the slap on the hand, apologizing, and making things right, we sued them.  We sued them again.  And then again for good measure.  Over and over, with our lawyers, with new lawyers, until the bills ran out of control.

And we’re still out that money.

But the sheep of Duluth were lead down a path to believe the Band was all to blame.  Poor us.  We didn’t do anything wrong!  Why did they take their ball and go home?  Why, you wonder–because we didn’t play by the rules.

It’s a fact of life, rules are made to be followed for the benefit of the people living under them.  But the ever-swollen egos of the city leaders decided they were above these rules and spent that money elsewhere.  The result?  Crumbling roads and infrastructure that have left a bad taste in the mouths of residents and tourists, and financial troubles for many paying vehicle repairs that could have been avoided.

So now, now that the city has made the Band out to be the bad guys, they think they have a plan to fix everything.  Raise taxes.  They’ve figured out where all of the trouble-makers are hanging out and they’re going to fix it.  Raise taxes.  Yep, don’t cross Mesaba, it’s scary over here.  And stay out of the hillside after dark, you never know who you’ll run into.  But we’ll take care of everything, we have a plan.

Raise taxes.

It looks like the City Council is taking a page out of the Chuck Horton platform.  All of a sudden they want more police, to restore the neighborhood rec centers, and focus on reducing drugs.  The only problem is they’ll stick us with the bill, as usual.  Raise taxes.

If you ask me, it’s politics as usual on the Upper Side.  They’re looking at jacking up our taxes some more.  Because, what’s money to them?  They have new cars, big houses, cabins on lakes or condos in the metro, right?  People like me are left to bust my hump every day to pay my bills and make ends meet while they keep pulling the ends further apart.

I’ve had enough.

I don’t care about a fancy theater downtown.  I will NEVER ride a “high speed” train to Minneapolis when I can drive there faster.  I don’t need a multi-million dollar library on the east side of town or one more restaurant/brew pub for the hipsters over there to sit and ponder their existence.

I want the elected officials of this town to care about every block of this town.  Every block.  Stop giving DEDA money to your pals for more development that lines your own pockets.  Seriously, how do you people sleep?

Do something about the drugs that are taking the friends of my children.  Do something about the babies that are being born premature and already addicted to drugs/alcohol.  Do something about the heroin needles being found in the parking lots of our high schools.

For Pete’s sake, just do something.