Tomorrow is the primary election, voters will determine whose names will be on the ballot this November.  I need your vote to make sure “Chuck Horton” stays on the ballot.

I believe Duluth needs my name on that ballot.  I’m committed to focusing on the people who have invested their lives in our communities, those who live and work and raise families here.  That’s who the Mayor should work for. It’s the Mayor’s job to manage the city and its services for the citizens, and we’ve lacked that leadership recently.

Duluth looks great from the outside, a favorite tourist destination for many, but for those that live here, it’s not so great.  Property taxes are outrageous.  Crime and drugs are being imported from Chicago at an unprecedented rate and our police aren’t equipped to handle it.  Our roads crumbling at the surface is bad enough, but the damage to our sewer system under the city, is much scarier.   The city continually pushes pet projects that take the money of all taxpayers to create things like bike paths and dog parks that only a few with use.

When I hear from people that are afraid to take an evening walk around their neighborhood, and consistently read stories about heroin dealers being arrested and gunshots fired around town, I think, the people of Duluth deserve better than this.  The folks who have put down roots in Duluth, invested their hard earned money in homes and businesses are being run out of communities by crime with little to show for all the invested.  The Mayor of Duluth should not stand for this, and I won’t!

I’m not afraid to talk about the issues we face, as unglamorous as they are.  And, I’m not afraid to seek out the answers to fix them.  We need to make Duluth safe and sound for those who live here.  We need to make sure the money citizens contribute to the city is used to benefit everyone.  And we need to tighten the city’s purse strings to make living in Duluth more affordable.

I see all the great aspects of our city, I want to bring in new businesses and families – and our cities marketing does a pretty good  job of selling our city to those on the outside, but inside we need to do some work to close the sale.  We can’t hide what’s happening in and on our streets.

I need your help tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15th. Please take a few minutes to visit our polling place and vote for me, Chuck Horton.
It’s time to put Duluth back on the right path.  I’m ready.

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