IMG_1889I first met Chuck when I was about 17-18 yrs old when I joined the fitness boxing class he was teaching at a gym on Michigan Street. He was intimidating at first,  yet easy to talk to at the same time, and he quickly became not only my coach and personal trainer but my friend and mentor as well.

While I attended college I worked as a nanny for Chuck and Carinda’s 2 youngest children. After college I started working for my mother’s company Cassandra Bail Bonds and we would sponsor the boxing fights that Chuck put together. I’ve seen first hand the love and passion that Chuck has for this community as I’ve watched him mentor countless young men and women, including myself, through his coaching over the years.

His drive to push others to be their absolute best is never ending. He truely cares about our community and wants Duluth to be the best it can be! His focus on the drug epidemic is a must. In my line of business I see every day how horrible it has become and it’s quite scary. I’m worried for our future if we don’t find a way to halt it. With Chuck’s sincere determination, I believe he can help find ways to change the nasty course our beautiful town has fallen upon and I know he can continue to bring our community together and make Duluth even better, and for this I endorse him