My recent blog post about finding opportunities from our experiences this past week to improve Duluth’s disaster plan has garnered a reaction from the city in the form of a Duluth News Tribune article, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m honored that decision makers – both with the city, and with the bigger companies in town – read my blog, and follow my twitter and social media accounts.

They say the “squeaky wheel gets the grease”.  I’m over here squeaking.

Since last summer I’ve discussed serious issues facing our city – from our road conditions to the growing heroin problem.   Both issues where simply ignored, until I started asking questions and sharing photos of massive potholes and syringes found around our town.  In the last few months, the roads that I pointed out have been repaired, and not a week goes by that a heroin dealer – usually from Chicago – is arrested, and the excellent work the DPD is doing shared in the news.

Running for an election has put me on the radar, and I want to use my little soapbox to keep sharing stories and asking questions that will urge the city and businesses to work to improve Duluth – all of Duluth – for all of us.   There are a lot of folks in our city that have stories that need to be heard.  I will be your voice.

Speaking up is the only way we can spur action to happen.  I ask you to continue to share your concerns, write letters to the editor, post on social media, and show up at city council meetings.  It’s tough to put yourself out there, you’ll always have those that disagree with you, most of the time these are people that are too scared or ignorant to acknowledge the truth – but the silent majority are cheering you on behind the scenes.  And if you just can’t bear to face social media trolls waiting to tear up your thoughts and ideas – send me your thoughts and ideas and I’ll share them. The trolls don’t scare me.

Communicating our concerns is the most important contribution we can make to our city.  It will guide our elected representatives and hopefully move Duluth in the right direction.