One of my main campaign promises is the fact that I will repair the roads of Duluth. These potholes, which are seemingly omnipresent across our dilapidated roads, are dangerous to the residents of Duluth. Furthermore, they also serve as one of the first things travelers who are coming to and through Duluth are exposed to. Everyone can agree that we are all tired of having to dodge the landmines that potholes make on major arteries through Duluth. I am sure that I am not the only one that has had to change a tire, or fix an axle after hitting a hole the size of a small meteor crater. We are all tired of promises made by leaders that say they will do one thing and do another. I am not that leader. When I say I will fix the roads, I will fix the roads. 

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The roads are dangerous and it is irresponsible to leave them in the state that they are in. The infrastructure of our great city has been in decline for years and does not seem to be getting better. Perhaps we forget that fixing roads needs workers, workers means jobs, and jobs mean a better economy for us all.  

The current leadership of Duluth has focused to heavily on pet projects. Forgetting what it means to be leaders, we are here for the people. We work for the people of our great city, we do not work for ourselves, and I believe the current leadership has forgotten that for a while now. It is now time for new leadership; time for a new leader that will keep the promises they make. 

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