I feel that the sport of boxing is a mystery to the casual fan. The intent of this entry is to familiarize boxing fans with some terms that are used by boxing people,  and to give them a better understanding. Al Sands, whom is a “prospect,” is fighting on October 25, 2014 at Black Bear Casino, his opponent is Andres Taylor a rough “gatekeeper.” A gatekeeper is a dangerous obstacle for a young fighter who is on the path to a World Title fight. They have experience against top fighters, but have fallen short. They have gone the distance with those boxers that have beaten them. They are durable, and crafty fighters. The boxers that get through the gate continue on the next step. They continue to be “prospects.” The term prospect refers to a boxer who has potential to go all the way to the World Title.

Al Sands vs Andres Taylor

Al Sands vs Andres Taylor

Andres Taylor has 29 professional boxing matches.  Out of those nearly 30 fights, he has 21 victories, 6 losses, and two draws. He has only been stopped one time, and that was in the final round of a twelve round fight.  Al Sands has a total of fifteen professional fight, which is half the experience of his opponent.

Al is still a young fighter, especially for a Cruiser Weight. The bigger the fighter the slower they peak. In order for Al Sands to continue down his path towards winning a World Title, he has to beat Andres Taylor. He has to pass through that gate. Andes Taylor is going to be guarding it with his life. Minnesota Boxing fans are in for a treat on October 25, 2014 as they will be on the edge of their seats in anticipation cheering the local fighter, Al Sands. Andres has heard the roar of the crowd twice as many times as Al, he has felt the crowds love, and he has felt their hate. He has stood guard over the gate without being distracted. Al Sands must keep his focus. He must not look beyond Adres Taylor, if he wants to get through the gate.

I hope to see all boxing fans at the fights October 25, 2014. I love catching up with the fans that I have known for years, as well as meeting new fans. I apologize in advance if I won’t be able to chat long as I need to remain focused to prepare Al Sands in the locker room for his challenge in getting through the gate.

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