A recent article in the Duluth News Tribune was so slanted the words almost tumbled right off the page into my coffee. I know that they endorsed Chuck Horton’s opponent, but reporting isn’t supposed to play favorites.

Publishing an incident is not on his criminal record and characterizing Chuck as an angry veteran is low, even for the Duluth News Tribune. And, it’s definitely not the insight we hope to hear on our candidates.  But if that’s the way you want to report, let’s hear the dirt on both sides.  I’ve heard that Chuck’s opponent, formerly of the Twin Cities, still has a condo there.  Has anyone looked into the her voting record when it comes to funding given to projects her husband worked on?   One candidate got the simple questions, while the other was hung out to dry, with his dirty laundry.

I guess I know what page I’ll use next in the bottom of by bird’s cage.

You know what I think the real issue is? Those that sit behind desks think the blue-collar crowd isn’t educated enough to see through their bull.  They don’t see us hardworking stiffs as a threat because we’re too busy trying to make a dollar to pay them half and still support our families to pay attention to the issues our city faces.  But it doesn’t take more than a drive to work to experience the issues with our roads and the growing taxes disguised as “fees” on our utility bills for things like roads and streetlights that should have already been in the budget. And you can’t disguise the sound of the sirens at night heading off to another break-in, assault, or drug overdose.

The city management can sit behind their desks, look out over Lake Superior and envision all the great aspects of Duluth, but out in the blue-collar districts we’re feeling the troubles Chuck talks about, and we want someone to do something about.

They always say the first step is admitting there’s a problem, Chuck’s opponent won’t even do that.  You can’t fix a problem you refuse to see.  Chuck not only sees the problems, he calls them out, and he’s willing to do the thankless job of finding a way to fix them.  That’s why he deserves our vote.

– Anonymous

This contributor asked to remain anonymous because they have seen aggressive comments from my opponent’s supporters and do not want to become a target.