Littlest SupporterI want to take a moment to send a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who has supported me in my campaign for mayor.  Thanks to you I’ve made it through the primary election and my name will be on the ballot this November. I’m honored to take on this mission for those who are willing to stand with me, and not only acknowledge the issues our city faces, but work to fix them.

So far, the Horton for Duluth campaign and it’s supporters have been able to draw attention to, and create a dialog about, the drug and crime problems in Duluth, the street and sewer issues, the pet projects that are pulling money out of all of our pockets to serve just a few, and the need to focus on our future, our kids, and the opportunities we can provide as a city to keep them out of trouble and excelling.

These issues will remain my focus as we continue campaigning and they will be my priority when elected mayor.

Your votes today not only put me on the ballot, but served as a wake up call to city management.  We want action on these issues, and we want results. That’s just what you’ll get from me come November.

I’m humbled by the show of support for me, and a better Duluth today.  I hope you can hang in there with me for the next couple months, so we meet back at the polls on November 3rd and get started making Duluth a safe and stable place for those who live and work here.