Life is getting back to normal for the Hortons, but just because the campaigning is done, doesn’t mean that the messages we’ve promoted over the last few months are no longer valid.

I’m still for Duluth, always have been, always will be.  The issues: drugs, crime, roads, infrastructure, safety, kids, and prioritizing needs over wants when it comes to the city’s spending, are still important to me – and from what I’ve heard, a lot of other Duluthians too.   Please use my facebook page as a place to share your concerns, draw attention to issues, and promote the positive things happening in Duluth.  But please do so respectfully. The more connected we are the better off our city will be.

Poor decision making runs rampant among our politicians nationwide, but we have the power to make small changes starting in our own neighborhoods.  Be vigilant, be proactive, and be loud.  Let ‘s make sure our leaders hear us.  One of my new projects, Life In Duluth will be a website that will help us accomplish this mission.   More info will be coming on that project soon!