Sponsorship can be a big investment for a business depending on what event is or what other business is being sponsored. It could be great marketing if the return on investment is great or the public response is overwhelming.

When I was working at the casino downtown, I was approached by Chuck Horton to investment or sponsor a local boxing match that had a couple up-and-coming boxers. For me the thought was really a no-brainer. Boxing and casinos kind of go hand-in-hand. That’s the way professional boxing has built its name over the past 25 years and thats what some the casinos are known for as much as a casino business — the place to watch the best boxers.

Jackson Ripley talks about his sponsorship opportunities with Chuck Horton.

Jackson Ripley talks about his sponsorship opportunities with Chuck Horton.

Sponsoring the local boxers was great for our businesses. I figured the crowds would be the same audience as the current customers we had coming to the casino already. I was looking to increase our customer count while also supporting our local boxers. It was a good relationship. The boxers were more than willing to help out with any extra promoting. Chuck and his team were always willing to go out of their way to make sure that all their sponsors were taken care of or any of the sponsors VIP’s.

Sponsorship can be a big investment, but if you ask yourself what’s the bottom line?, What is the businesses return?, and Will I be reaching the right audience for my business?, then making a sponsorship commitment is no big deal. Making a local sponsorship with Chuck was a great thing for everyone involved because promoting a boxing match takes time, effort, patience and money and a good sponsor can make a good event a great one.

Thanks Chuck, I think we had some great shows…