My father was instrumental in creating the Valley Youth Center in West Duluth, years ago.  The center holds a spot in my heart for all they do for our local youth.  They also put together some astonishing presentations, like the one linked below.

Through graphics they show the stark difference between the two sides of Duluth’s downtown.  West Duluth has higher instances of crime, drugs, and alcohol.  Kids have to do with less, and unfortunately the result is often a troubled teen, growing into a lost young adult, ending up an adult who perpetuates the cycle of the crime, drugs and alcohol they saw growing up.

The Eastern part of Duluth is not immune to these issues.  A rash of break-ins on the east side show that the problems of West Duluth are on the move.  Our downtown and hillside are also experiencing increased calls, crimes and overdoses.

We can’t look the other way – in fact, the city has waited so long to deal with these issues, there is no other way to look – it’s all around us.
We can’t continue on this path.  We can’t let the future hold so little promise for the kids of Duluth.

I see these issues, and I’m not afraid to bring them into the light.  All the glossy “come to Duluth” marketing pieces can’t hide what we’re facing now, and we risk losing one of the city’s favorite industries, tourism, because of it.  The time to handle these problems is now.  As Mayor, I will do just that.  Every community in Duluth will be heard, and plans will be made to make all of Duluth great.  We can’t move forward as a city with entire communities struggling just to feel safe.

Clearing the fog of crime, drugs, and despair from all of Duluth will mean a much brighter future for our city and our kids.
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