The city of Duluth recently entered into an agreement with the Housing and Redevelopment Authority to provide a dedicated police officer to the HRA properties.  HRA receives much of its operating funds from HUD and is governed by a 7 member board of Directors appointed by the Mayor of Duluth, with approval by the City Council. The training and supervision responsibilities of policing their properties will fall to the DPD.

Isn’t that great news for them?  Now locations like the Steve O’Neil apartments can have the illusion of safety.  Or will they?  It wasn’t long after they opened that someone was stabbed there.  Does the HRA think people have forgotten so quickly the things that are going on outside their doors?

I haven’t forgotten.  I haven’t forgotten that Matthew Rewald was savagely jumped and beaten in Morgan Park less than a month ago.  His girlfriend watched helplessly while he lay there unconscious until police could get to him.  But slow response times in the western community are sometimes a fact of life.  Should that be the case?

It seems to me that we are providing protection for drug dealers to leave their free/subsidized homes and go into those very neighborhoods to peddle drugs.  They hit our parks and streets to sell to those who are addicted.  But the current administration and city council probably doesn’t recognize that.  Other than an occasional parade, I don’t know that they spend much time on the other side of town.  Maybe when these problems hit their neighborhoods they’ll be more aware.

I find it strange that a community housewarming registry was set up to furnish these units but now they have over $338,000 to pay for a private police officer for five years.  I think you could get a lot of household goods for that kind of money.  And maybe have some money left over for a background check on to whom you’re renting.

Drug dealers beware.  I know you’re out there; I’m determined to rid you from this city.  And that means the entire city.  Addiction knows no boundary, and I’m looking out for all of Duluth.