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Duluth’s Mayoral race is a contest of local guy versus transplant. Horton knows the city, the people, and what the residents want. His opponent would like to see Duluth turned into a version of Minneapolis north. Though she says her gender is a non-issue, she was immediately endorsed by aggressive women’s groups.

 In case you missed the debate, or just want clarification on a question, this is a great place to find answers to your questions.


A major issue facing the newly elected Mayor of Duluth will be to repair relations between the city and the Fond du Lac band. Chuck Horton already has ties to the Native American community. He’s ready to immediately sit down at the table and work with the Band to solve the past issues straining the relationship.

Whether it’s blue collar or white collar, east Duluth or west Duluth, Chuck Horton can easily identify with all sides.  His ability to reach out and understand all the issues residents are facing make him the ideal candidate for Mayor of Duluth.