It seems we can’t go more than a week without hearing about another drug bust in Duluth, usually heroin addicts hailing from the Twin Cities, Wisconsin, or Chicago.   We used to worry about our teens trying drugs, and prevention programs and “talks” from mom and dad used to be targeted to the angsty teenager. These days kids 12 or younger are experimenting and parents are left wondering what to do.  Will you scare them if you discuss drugs too early? Will it make them more curious?  How much do you share?

Chuck Horton’s new website,, may help.  The site aims to be a resource for those suffering from addiction as well as the loved ones of these troubled individuals who want to help.

After addicts are released from 30-day outpatient treatment centers, they are often forced to return to the exact environment that initially drove them to abuse substances. The blog posts on this site will help equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to escape their past tendencies, and realize their potential as productive members of society.

It will also feature a section on prevention, offering resources for parents and friends to share with their children.  Opening the dialogue on drugs is key, as well as: knowing your child’s friends, activities and even the signs of possible drug use.  

Check out the first post on prevention here and please share the site with those in your life that may find it helpful.