During the business day, the noise of Duluthians rushing to appointments and work drowns out the sound of a city in need. In the light of day, it’s easy to pretend Duluth is a charming tourist destination, a family friendly city, or a college town preparing to turn out the next best and brightest. Sure the light illuminates a few issues, our failing infrastructure for one, but it’s easy to ignore what happened the nights before; the brutal beating of a young man in Morgan Park, the sobs of a father who lost his daughter to a heroin overdose, or the cries of a child whose family was burglarized and now have no where they feel safe.

But, when the sun goes down, you can hear it. You can hear it in the police sirens, the shouting in the streets, and the ambulance blaring by with yet another victim of violence or drugs.

Duluth is crying out for help.

It’s a lonely, agonizing cry that our city administration has yet to answer. I can’t bear to hear it any longer. This is my town, born and raised. I won’t sit idly by as criminals, and even our so called leadership, ruin our communities, and drugs snatch our children from us.

They’re gonna hear from Chuck Horton.

Running for mayor was never on my radar. I’ve spent years growing my boxing business into a successful international venture. I’ve cherished raising my five kids with my high school sweetheart. And I could have happily worked and parented the rest of my years. Until, I heard those cries for help. And saw my hometown being destroyed by those just moving into town. Mayor Ness may meet his 90,000 in 2020 goal, but the newcomers aren’t here to work and grow families, they’re here to take what they can before moving on.
Our police force is overwhelmed and the city does nothing. Our infrastructure is crumbling and our city makes bike lanes and considers a multimillion dollar library. Our West End is being overrun with drugs and crime and our city adds more section eight housing. Our leadership has let us down. They should have acted years ago. We have to act now. It’s only a short matter of time before the problems in the West move on to the East,and up the hill.

Families who have spent decades paying taxes and raising families in the West End and Hillside are scared and feeling forced to flee to avoid the trouble moving in around them. Duluth’s cry for help is heartbreaking for those of us that remember the city in much friendlier days. I want to get us back there.
As mayor, I will restore common sense to our city. I will face the dangerous crime and drug problems head on. I will make sure our police force can keep us safe. I will say “no” to the special interest groups begging the city to spend everyone’s money on something just for them. And I will focus on our future with sound economic decisions, and most importantly, providing resources for our youth to keep them out of trouble and headed in the right direction. I will focus on making our city run well for those who are already invested in it, before worrying about growing the number on the population sign.

Our city HAS to be a safe place when the sun goes down, for our families and our seniors.