crystal_meth_01-650x381There is still a war on drugs; the front of this war has been at our doorsteps for a long time. Duluth has long suffered from the problem of drugs such as meth, heroin, weed, and synthetics. Where did this problem come from and why did it so easily secure a presence in Duluth? How do we eradicate it? And how do we treat the people? We are attacking the problem, not the cause. It is people who are addicted to drugs. Therefore, we need to focus on the people in order remedy this problem. Treating and helping people is the main job of a public servant. It must be a community effort, one that I will spearhead as mayor. 

drugs-21987_640We must look inside all of ourselves and decide that enough is enough. We cannot simply shut down liquor stores with the thought of getting people to stop drinking. We need to work with the community to not stigmatize people who are suffering. People are suffering and we need to help. As mayor, I will work with the treatment centers in the area to develop a plan to help on a more people focused approach. 

An old African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” This is the attitude we must take, we have to walk this path together.