Hi Friends,I’m Joey Luder, Chuck’s campaign manager.  I’ve seen Chuck in action and I can tell you Chuck has been such a wonderful advocate for children in our community. He firmly believes that our kids are our most valuable asset. We all need to be an example for them. Kids need strong advocates in our community. It’s harder to grow up now than it has ever been before and providing kids with trusted mentors in our community is crucial.

We recently experienced a social media bullying issue concerning one of Chuck’s boxing kids being the target of an ill-informed adult. The situation has highlighted how bullying is not just a “kid” issue, but continues on and thrives in adult interactions as well. When we called out the bully, his cronies took to Facebook to tried to shout us down.  We won’t stand for it.  When you know you’re right, you can’t back down at any cost.  As Mayor, Chuck will make sure the people of this city will have a voice.  He’ll be first in line to take on those that want to push the city in the wrong direction.  Chuck has had enough. Duluth deserves a leader that believes in its citizens.

We are so appreciative and overwhelmed by the positive responses we have received. Chuck hears you loud and clear. He knows that you believe in our city too. He also knows that you are ready for change. Let’s take our city back. Chuck’s ready to roll his sleeves up and make Duluth great again. Are you?