Some may think that my campaign has been too much about the serious and very real issues that Duluth faces. I’m not interested in scare tactics, and I see the positive aspects of Duluth too, that’s why I still live here. But, if we really want to succeed as a city, we need to focus on solving problems first, not just how we look to others.

Let me explain it like this, let’s imagine Duluth as a house. We can add new siding and a roof, we can put a fancy door on the front, add some landscaping, and have the best curb appeal on the block. We’ll get a lot of ooh’s and aah’s by passersby. Businesses and families may think they want to write their next chapter here. But when they open the door, they’ll find cracks in the foundation, leaky pipes, probably city funded hallways big enough to ride your bike on…

Can we look for the “blue sky” in Duluth? Seek out industries to open shop here? Build new spaces for families to live here? Yes, yes, and yes. I’m for all of that, but we’ll have a better chance at making those things happen, if we spend a little time and effort fixing the non-glamorous problems “inside our walls”, first.

Car-eating streets, unsafe communities with news of heroin dealers and gunshots consistently in the news, high taxes for a struggling school district, and taxpayer money wasted on pet projects to add “curb appeal” is not the sales pitch that will sell our city to new businesses and families.

My focus is on the people that have already invested in this community by owning homes here, working here, raising their families here, shopping here, and so on. These are the people the Mayor of Duluth should be working for. If we can make Duluth a safe, productive, happy place for the people already here, something amazing will happen, as any person in a successful business knows, when customers, or in this case citizens, are happy, the businesses and families looking for a new place to call home will see and hear and feel the potential of Duluth, and they’ll want to be part of it.

When you hear me talking about issues other candidates are afraid to bring up, please don’t think I can’t see all of the good in Duluth, or its potential. This city is my home, and has been all my life. I love it and I want it to be a great place for all of us. As Mayor, I’ll focus on making Duluth as good on the inside, as it looks on the outside.