Dear Concerned Citizen,

I’ve met so many Duluthian’s that share your concerns and sentiments about the state of our city.  I agree that it’s interesting, that since my campaign started with my focus on getting drugs off our streets, creating more parks and rec programs for kids, and repairing our roads, that these issues have resurfaced at council meetings, in place of the usual pet projects like the NorShor, Spirit Mountain, and library.  They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  I suppose they could try and fix these issues in the next month, in hopes of dashing my chances to win this election, but they’ve let these problems fester for the last 10 years, and a quick fix is no longer an option.

True to form, the fix they are presenting is reaching, once again, into the taxpayers’ pockets, putting the pressure on the people to fix a problem that their ineffective leadership, inept money management, and poor policies have created.   I say “No Way!”.

This is the same city government that wants to “forgive” a million plus dollar loan to Spirit Mountain.  To grant over a million dollars to a downtown theater that has failed under previous, and to spend $35 million on a new library .

I won’t stand for it.

The opposition claims that “we can’t lose the momentum the city currently has”.   But where is that momentum leading us?  Open the newspaper any day of the week and you’ll find a story on a break-in, gun shots outside a business, or heroin dealers from Chicago being arrested while dealing to our kids.  Do we really want to go farther down that path?  I’ve seen the lives of too many teens and twenty-somethings end in an overdose.  I’ve wept with their parents and I’ve gotten angry with their friends.  This is not the Duluth I grew up in and it’s not the Duluth I want to raise my family and grow old in.

The current city management has increased the crime and drug problems in our city by developing more section eight housing.  The current mayor had a goal of increasing the population here, but instead of creating a city that is welcoming to families and entrepreneurs, he cleared the way to bring in people that need help our city is not equipped to provide, and the result is the problems we’re experiencing today.  Yet, the city sits on their hands, hoping to wave a few accomplishments, like closing the Last Place on Earth and the business development in the UMD area in voters faces to persuade them they’ve got a plan  – they just need to, as you say, raise taxes.

You ask for the city to do “something”.  I want the all the concerned citizens in Duluth to know that I will.

We’re going to trim the pet projects from the budget and allocate city resources to improving the city for those who live and work here.  I’ll track down the experts that can provide us with the insight to make the right choices for Duluth.  I’ll do the math and find the money, without having to ask the citizens for another handout.  Did you know that with the money allocated for the NorShor could pay for 9 more police officers for 4 years?

The Mayor’s job is to manage the city and its resources, first.  Let’s save the funny dance videos, the arguments about being the craft beer capital, and the fun job of marketing a great lakes city for after the hard work of making Duluth safe and financially stable for its citizens in done.

I won’t just do “something”, I’ll do everything I can to make this city as great as it should be. In return, I ask you to do something to get us started – meet your neighbors, connect with your community, together we’re stronger than on our own, and a connected community will discourage crime and drug activity.  And one more “something” you can do, vote for Chuck Horton on November 3rd.

Chuck Horton