Dear Supporters,

What a race.  What an experience. I want to congratulate Emily Larson, I hope she can lead Duluth in the right direction.  I may not have won a seat at the Mayor’s desk —  but the time, effort, and money spent on this race was not in vain.

Our message of making Duluth safe again – halting the heroin epidemic, reducing crime and providing better programs for kids to help keep them from the influence of dangerous people, has resonated in our communities.  Exposés on drugs have been featured in our local news, ideas are being shared, and now, finding solutions will take just a matter of time.

We’ve renewed concern on our infrastructure and roads, and drawn attention to the pet projects that are burning up our budget in the name of wants, when we should be focusing on needs.

We did all of this in just a few months.

Imagine the impact if we keep sharing our concerns and ideas. And that’s just what I plan to do.  I will be an advocate for the overlooked communities in Duluth.  I’ll use my resources to be your voice, to keep the city accountable, and on their toes.

Again, I send my sincere congratulations to Emily Larson, Duluth’s first female mayor, a historical achievement that should be noted. I hope to work with her as an advocate for the safety and prosperity of all our Duluth communities.