Most who know me know how passionate I am about preserving the family-friendly places around Duluth, and the Lake Superior Zoo is high on that  list.  I’ve got a million childhood memories at the zoo and I hope the kids of today can experience the same fun I  had there as a kid.   I know kids will be having fun there this weekend for the Boo at the Zoo event, and I’ll be right there with them!  Come see me at the Boo at the Zoo from 10am – 4pm on Saturday, October 10th.

Until then, I wanted to share this short post from a friend of mine, and I hope you share with us, your favorite memory of the zoo!

Everyone has a favorite zoo memory.  I get to hear them daily.  I am lucky enough to work at the Lake Superior Zoo.  

Sometimes it’s an old memory. “I remember when…” stories.  Their stories could be about swimming in the creek and using the rocks as a water slide, riding on the carnival rides that were in the parking lot, or sledding in the winter.  But most are about animals.  They remember the elephant,  the hippo and the monkeys.  They remember how the main building smelled when the big cats were in the lower level.  They remember where things were and where specific animals lived.  Everyone who shares their story shares a certain passion about those animals.

Currently, Lake Superior Zoo animals are wonderful ambassadors for wildlife around the world.  People can see exotic animals up close and learn about them.  In turn, we hope that it will help visitors understand about extinction and conservation efforts..

New visitors are making new memories.  They will remember watching the baby lemurs cling to their mother or the wallabies bouncing happily in their habitat.  They will also have opportunities to watch our zookeepers in training sessions or chat with them near the exhibit of their favorite animal. All of this is part of our mission: “inspiring connections to wildlife and action toward conservation in our region and around the world.”

Everyone who works at the zoo has heard a visitor’s story or two or four.  We all share a passion for the animals and work hard at taking care of them in the best possible way.  Our favorite part of our day is when we hear a child squeal with delight as they discover an animal they’ve never seen before.

We hope that guests who visit our zoo will come back year after year and keep collecting those stories.  I know that I have my favorite zoo memory –  what’s yours?