Two titans stood ready for a fight; Al Sands in the blue corner, Andres Taylor in the red corner. The bell rang and the fight began. Al was quick to take the center of the ring and did not let go of it for the entirety of the match. Taylor tried to take the center but the quick jabs of Sands backed Taylor up preventing him from ever getting the upper hand. The first round went to Sands.

Al Sands connects on a punch against Andres Taylor

Al Sands connects on a punch against his oppponent, Andres Taylor

The Second round started as the first, Sands taking the high ground and holding it; Taylor helpless to move Sands. jab, jab, hook to the body, the thud of the punch landing squarely on Taylor’s Liver. This staggered Taylor, Sands saw the momentary wince of pain on Taylor’s face and went in. A flurry of punches to the face of Taylor, Taylor trying his best to mount a defense with his chin on his shoulder and his hands blocking the punches from Sands. Taylor regained his composure and backed Sands off with a few well placed punches of his own. End round two, Winner Sands

The 3rd Round saw a sense of urgency by Taylor; The first two rounds going to Sands Taylor looked as if he had to turn it around, so he came out with a bit more intensity. Sands having to work harder to keep the center of the ring. Taylor placed a few well sniped punches to Sands’s face causing a knot to develop or Sands’s right eye. Sands shook off the punches but before he could mount a counter attack the round was over; winner Taylor. 

The 4th round began with an animated discussion in Sands corner by coach Horton; Sands nodded as the bell rang. Taylor with the fire lit in his gut came out of his corner with a determined look, as if to say “I am not going to lose.”Sands went right to the center of the ring and started his jabbing campaign, snapping Taylor’s head back. The sweat and spit flying from Taylor’s face. Taylor looked tired of Sands’s punches and let go a haymaker from his right, Glancing of Sands’s shoulder but the way Sands was positioned this made him off balanced; Sands slipped and his glove hit the canvas. A knock down. Sands was up in a second shaking his head; the referee giving Sands the standing 8 count, shaking his gloves, the fight began again. However no time was left as the round ended shortly after. Winner Taylor.

The 5th round, Sands looked determined as he rushed to the the center of the ring, Sands dancing around taylor adeptly. Taylor had a cocky grin on his face saying to Sands “I’m going to beat you”Sands disagreed. Sands started his blitzkrieg as if to show embarrassment for the “knock down.”A flurry of blows kept Taylor on his toes, not being able to mount any kind of counter offensive. Taylor frustrated of Sands’ jabs, started throwing wild haymakers trying to get lucky and catch Sands off guard; Taylor was unsuccessful. Winner Sands. 

The 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th round were very much the same with Sands winning every round. Sands was controlling the ring, dictating the fight in almost every aspect. Taylor could not keep up; each had excellent punches thrown at each other; However the skill of each combatant made sure that neither would be knocked down. 

Al Sands' efforts prove victorious once again

Al Sands’ efforts prove victorious once again

The final round; Taylor looked as if he did not knock Sands out, that the fight would be lost to him, Taylor came out of his corner with the fire relit. Sands however came out of his corner with his own fire, and danced to the center of the ring and continued his winning strategy. The frustration in Taylor’s eyes was apparent as he finally managed a counter attack. A few well placed hooks staggered Sands and Taylor seized the opportunity and attempted a pummeling of his own. A shout from Sands corner knocked Sands out of his daze as he had the wherewithal to setup a defense. Taylor had only seconds remaining and using the last that he had launched into a flurry of blows trying his best to knock Sands out. Sands outlasted the blow as he dodged as many as he could. The bell rang ending the fight. 

The Fight was now in the hands of the judges. The ringside announcer read off the card, each judge scored the fight 97-92. The winner by unanimous decision Al “The Haitian Temptation”Sands. Taylor walked over to the judges to protest his loss but to no avail. Sands walked around the ring with his head and hands held high. 

Author: Matthew Thiry