As Chuck Horton’s campaign manager, I am calling all Duluth voters to action. We can no longer let drugs and crime ruin our beautiful city. 

Chuck HortonThis past weekend, while I was at work, my car was parked along Superior Street in the West End. I was at work from the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday. Sometime in between those hours, my car was broken into and the driver side mirror on my car was smashed. There were hypodermic needles lying around my car as well. I wasn’t the only one either. According to the Duluth Police Department’s Facebook page, there were several other incidents of car prowling this weekend. We cannot standby and let these things happen over and over again. How much longer until we say enough is enough?

We have to give our police officers the tools and funding necessary to effectively clean up our streets. We must also watch out for our neighbors and alert authorities when we observe suspicious activity. 

We also must assist those struggling with addiction. Developing programs that offer affordable treatment will help decrease crime in our city. 

Another way to reduce crime is to make our schools a safer and better place for all to learn. Our children are the future of our city and we must act in their best interest. Investing in them now will pay big returns. We may not see the effects of this right away, but I can promise we will see results in the future.

I know it is not easy for us to address the issues facing our city, but if anyone can do it, it’s Chuck. Chuck is ready to tackle these issues and he is ready to put our city’s best interests first. We all want Duluth to be a great place to live, work and visit. Let’s make Duluth great again. Help us get to work for you. Make a donation to the Horton for Duluth campaign today.