Duluth Voters,

My message will stay the same in each and every forum. The same as it has since announcing:

The Duluth residents have payed for the tourism industry long enough. I think it’s only fair that this 1% percent sales tax be designated for road, infrastructure, and police. All three are vital for a strong and prosperous economy!   Currently this undesignated tax goes into the general fund and can be spent as the city council chooses.  Often that money is spent on pet projects with little regard for the needs of the citizens of Duluth.  

Let’s make Duluth great for the people that live and work here, not just those that come a weekend or two a year.  Duluth is a destination city, tourism will always be part of our economic mix, but the mayor’s focus should be on Duluth as a whole.  Improving the communities outside of downtown and Canal Park , with sound infrastructure and roads, and reduced crime, will only enhance the the appeal of Duluth – not only for tourists, but businesses and industries looking for a place to set-up shop.

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Please plan to attend next forum, if you can:

October 13, 2015
Underground Theater at the Depot.