A unique aspect of city government is that it is non-partisan, or at least it’s supposed to be.  The reason being, according to the National League of Cities, is that it promotes the idea that cooperation between elected officials is more likely.

That non-partisanship is important to me, because I think many people don’t fit in the typical democrat or republican mold, and I want to be open to all ideas and solutions, not just what “a party” approves.  My endorsements, as you’ve seen posted here, on my site, and on my facebook page, are from individuals.  People who know me, trust me, and believe in me.  They are people I’ve served with, worked with, and helped along the way.

And, I like it that way.

I don’t want to have to return any favors after being elected, I just want to serve the people of Duluth, and improve our city for those who live and work here.

Yet, I hear that the logo on my opponent’s website proudly displays “DFL Endorsed” and many of those listed on her endorsement page are DFL aligned.  That could be a lot of people with their eye on the city’s purse, and a lot of non-Duluthians trying to call the shots for the people who live here.  I hear Franken is coming this weekend to door knock for his party’s candidates.   It’s unfortunate that this election has to turn to politics as usual.

Don’t worry, though, I’ll continue to do my own door-knocking, and I’ll make sure the decisions that come out of the Mayor’s office are only influenced by you, the hardworking citizens of Duluth.