Chuck Horton Ready to Face Mayoral Opponent in First Forum September 24th

Chuck Horton, Duluth candidate for mayor, is ready to face opponent Emily Larson during the first mayoral forum of their race.  The event, hosted by the Canal Park Business Association, takes place Thursday, September 24th, at 8:30AM at the Inn on Lake Superior.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to have a discussion face-to-face, giving the voters a chance to really see how we compare on the important issues facing our city today.”  said Horton.  “I’m ready. I hope to see voters and the media in attendance.  This forum is one of the few opportunities where you’ll be able to see and hear from us together.  I hope my messages about improving safety by tackling our crime and drug problems, improving infrastructure, and expanding programs for kids come through.”

Horton feels connecting with individuals and community groups is key to improving Duluth. He’s made his cell phone number and personal email public, and encourages citizens and groups to contact him to set up a time to meet face-to-face.  If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with Chuck, call 218-310-5200 or email

Learn more about Chuck Horton and the Horton for Duluth campaign at