WorkI would like to endorse my friend Chuck Horton for Mayor of Duluth.

I have known Chuck for at least 8 years now.  Over that time we have watched our children grow up playing soccer and attending school together.  I have always found Chuck to be honest, fair, and open minded, qualities that would serve him well as Mayor.  But the 2 things I have seen in him over the years that I believe will make him a great Mayor is the fact that he has incredible passion for people, especially kids, and he has down to earth common sense.

I work downtown and see broken whiskey bottles and drug needles every day outside of the building I work in.  Panhandling is common.  Chuck has made fixing the issues that plague our downtown one of his top priorities.  He understands that we need a healthy environment downtown first before we can fill it with expensive toys.  He stood up against the $35 million dollar library because he knows that we need to fix the issues of downtown first.  If he is not elected the library project will move forward again.  The price tag is just too high as that will cost the average Duluth family of 4 $1,700.  Sure proponents will try to rationalize where the money comes from but no matter what they say it’s our tax dollars.

I have agreed to help Chuck in his campaign because I know that if he gets elected the city will be forced to evaluate how it allocates its vast resources.  I believe that priorities will change in favor of kids and residents.   I invite others to join me to help Chuck in his drive to reset the priorities for this city.  I ask my friends and colleagues to join me in my support for Chuck.   Please donate some time and money to his campaign and let’s get someone in office that sees the problems this city faces.