daleI have known Chuck Horton since the early eighties, from our early boxing days. Even then, Chuck had a sense pride in this city, he always saw change as positive and good. Today, Duluth is in the midst of change that isn’t so good. Crime and mismanagement have take a huge toll on the infrastructure and the integrity of this beautiful city. Things need fixing. We all know that herion addiction seems to have a stranglehold on the good people here and the problem has been ignored too long. It’s time to confront it again, but this time do it with meaning…because these addicts matter. As for the dealers peddling this garbage, get tough for once. Why should a drug dealer be given any leniency in the first place? As for the DPD, how does hiring sixteen part time officers solve a financial bind when full-time officers continue to collect what I can only describe as ‘absurd’ amounts of overtime. It’s ridiculous.

Another sad chapter as of late, child bullying, and it has got to stop. Even one child committing suicide because of bullying should make us all hang our heads in shame…it NEVER should have happened. It’s no longer good enough for school administrators to say they are committed to ending the problem of bullying. Those are just words; words they need to say and we need to hear. We want to believe it isn’t a problem but it is, and it isn’t right…IT ISN’T RIGHT! It’s about time Duluth has an advocate for our children.

One other issue, the condition of the streets in Duluth. Why on earth, were the roads not maintained when (for years) Duluth was receiving funds from the Fon du Luth Casino specifically FOR street repair? Because that money was NEVER used for the streets…more mismanagement. Duluth, at one point, had a pretty good relationship with the Fon du Lac reservation, but not anymore. How many millions did tax payers have to cough up to fight the RBC in Federal Court…litigation the city KNEW was futile.

Things like this have got change in Duluth. Somehow, Duluthians have lost their voice in all matters concerning the city. Time and again, we see the city council take matters away from voters and take these matters up in ‘closed’ sessions. It’s ridiculous and insulting to every single one of us. Duluth has had enough political mayors. It needs someone who is going to do what they say they will do period. Chuck Horton is the ONLY candidate with enough passion and goodwill to turn Duluth around; to fix what’s broken. He has the guts to stand up and make our children the priority. Chuck Horton wants to restore old fashion values and pride lost to profit and greed…and mismanagement. I am voting for Chuck Horton as Duluth’s next mayor…I have a conscience! I still have a sense of pride. And like Chuck Horton, I still love this city.

Vote Chuck Horton…you’ll see!