IMG_4209Let me tell you about a man I know: My friend Chuck Horton.  Who is running for mayor of Duluth, MN.

Chuck and I met in Germany in 1990. As our unit was preparing to deploy to the Persian Gulf. We were both leaders of men with great responsibilities.  What I noticed was his calm, and confident demeanor. During what seemed like a tornado of things to do and prepare for combat. He would always ask for advice and seek the subject matter experts to make best informed decisions. His men and mission were always first. He led from his feet and not his seat.

The experiences of the Military and Combat helped forge the man and leader he became.  I have served in the Army for 21 years and have met thousands of leaders. Every once in a while a natural will come along: Chuck is one of those. He leads by example and is a man of impeccable integrity. In the military we use a term: “I Got Your Six clock “, which means I got your back.

Chuck Horton has Duluth’s six o’clock.

SFC. Carmelo Frank Genco, Jr.
U.S Army Retired