I was happy to see the media finally cover the mayoral campaign, as WDIO did recently, giving a clear contrast of the differences between Chuck and Emily.  We have a real choice here in Duluth.

Watching the forum I felt like Emily sounded like a robot spouting facts and figures that don’t add up.  She wants to take credit for Ness’s successes, but lays the blame for other issues firmly at his feet.  She tries to come off as a successful business person, when she’s really a social worker.  And she still thinks that we’re happy to pay more taxes to complete her pet projects – she just doesn’t get the average, hardworking Duluthian.

Chuck on the other hand showed how passionate he is about Duluth and the issue our city faces.  He’s a serious candidate and cares deeply about making Duluth a great place for everyone, not just special groups.

We can’t let the city continue to tax us all out of our homes.  We need a mayor that will find new ways to fix our issues without digging in our pockets. I trust Chuck to do that.  I endorse him 100%.

– Michael Johnson

Duluth Mayoral Hopefuls Detail Contrasting Positions on Issues