“A Crucial Mayoral Candidate Qualification”

The candidates for the upcoming City of Duluth Mayoral election each have their own skill sets and qualifications which are very well-documented in the media. I believe there is a somewhat overlooked qualification which voters should seriously consider before casting their vote.

I am convinced a wide spectrum of “life experience” is an indispensable qualification for any person to seeking elected office. Duluth has labored under an administration headed by an individual with negligible “life experience” when elected, and, apparently, as of the date of this letter. “Life experience” to me, is the result of a person being confronted with serious and life-changing circumstances, learning from the resolution process, and gaining the ability to use those lessons-learned in a practical application, in daily life. In short, this ability becomes a tool which shapes the individual’s philosophy, outlook, and empathy for others. From what I have heard and read, only one of the two mayoral candidates has demonstrated the solid background based upon “life experiences” versus viewing the world through a rose-colored lens.

I believe Mr. Chuck Horton has this solid foundation, and is sincere about making a practical and positive change in this city. I appreciate his blue collar upbringing and the fact he is proud of his “rust-belt” roots, and I also salute him for his military combat service, which, I believe, has given him a realistic perception of life and social interaction, and equipped him with leadership skills and problem solving.

It is a pleasure to know him, hear his sincerity and motivation to be the leader of Duluth’s future, and to endorse him for election as the next Mayor of the City of Duluth.


Dixon R. Bastie